Karl Motey

Mergers & Acquisitions 

Who is Karl Motey?

Karl Motey works as a business consultant  and corporate development executive in the San Francisco Bay Area. Motey is a transformational leader, growth strategist, and expert in corporate development! Motey has conducted research and analysis over more than one hundred companies in the systems and software industries. Motey prides himself on his investor relations and strategic partnerships.

About Karl

Karl Motey earned his Business Associates Agreement in Marketing from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. From there, Motey began working as a Strategy Consultant/ Business Development Specialist from 2009 to 2014. In  this role, Motey led acquisition efforts and drove merger  integrations. Motey’s specialty was negotiating contracts that resulted in significant savings for the companies.

Next, Karl Motey went to work for Spansion Inc. in Sunnyvale, California. Motey served as their Vice President of Business Development, a role in which he led two major acquisitions and co-led over 100 staff members. Motey was a critical advisor in merger-related investor communication strategy, including investor presentations, technology white papers, and press releases.

From there, Karl Motey moved on to Adesto Technologies as their Business and Corporate Development Consultant. Motey led two transformative acquisitions  while in this  role, as well as several other notable achievements. Motey frequently collaborated with executive management to implement growth strategies. Karl Motey is extremely proud of the fact that he  increased revenue by 50% by creating operational efficiencies for the company.

From there, Motey went to work as the Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Business Development for SMART Global Holdings, Inc. in Newark, California. Motey reported directly to the CEO, and was responsible for all corporate development activities and partnerships. Karl worked closely with others to identify private and public targets.

Throughout his career, Karl Motey has worked hard to form  strategic partnerships, investor relationships  and more. Motey  has become highly experienced with and skilled at communications, risk management  and analysis, valuation, negotiations, new business initiatives, and joint ventures.

Karl Motey is a transformational leader and  strategic thinker with a wealth of experience in mergers and acquisitions. Motey is highly skilled at increasing revenue, profit, and growth for companies.

Presently, Karl Motey serves as an independent Business and Corporate Development Consultant in Los Altos, California. In  this role, Motey collaborates with emerging growth companies and supports all of  their business development strategies. When Motey is not hard at work, you can find him spending time outdoors with his children.